Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge Engineering (KE)) refers to the development of computer systems that use knowledge rather than data to provide decision support. KE is a multidisciplinary field utilizing concepts and methods from various computer science domains including artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, first order logic, numerical modelling, expert systems and decision support systems.

Ruletrax is a specialist company delivering knowledge-based computer solutions.

Although a relatively new company established in 2013 our knowledge-based approach to value addition has been proven at companies including Harmony, Anglo American and BMi. Partnering with Blue Nickel Solutions, Rand Control Solutions and MetalZAR in 2014 has created the ability to provide fully integrated solutions.

Knowledge-based Decision Support/Management Solutions

Data/Process Analytics

Optimisation and Root Cause Analysis

Training Simulators

Knowledge-based solutions are developed utilising both existing knowledge and historical data if available. Knowledge is captured using logic-based reasoning while historical data is converted to “human-like” intelligence. Combing the knowledge/information through the process of KE provides a solution capable of providing efficient decision management.

Data and processes are analysed using various techniques including data driven models, artificial intelligence and statistical methods. The results are used to optimise processes and/or decision making.

Captured knowledge can be deployed as training simulators in order to retain experience and “know-how”.

Operator decision making guidance on a gold process

Gold process training simulator for operators

Entity synchronization for data base merger application

Iron ore process early deviation detection

Gold adsorption process simulator

Ruletrax offers a unique Excel based course that deals with data/information analysis. This is an advanced level course that has as objective the conversion of information to knowledge and to optimise processes and decisions. The course takes on the form of using specific case studies to introduce delegates to the concepts of knowledge engineering, descriptive and prescriptive analytics while in the process also highlighting the many advanced features in Microsoft Excel.

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